Topspin Powered HTML E4M

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It’s no secret we love working with the Topspin platform. The range of tools the platform supplies is quite adept at handling pretty much any digital marketing requirement you can throw at it. After all, any good digital marketing theme would be remiss without a solid technical foundation.

Topping the list of the most accessible (and crucial) Topspin widgets is the Email For Media widget. In short, it enables fans to enter their email address and receive a piece of digital content all in a simple workflow. As great as this widget is (we use it in pretty much every campaign we run) it has a few shortcomings. Namely in the looks and cross platform / device rendering. And it’s in Flash.

Since we love sharing we went ahead and posted everything you need to get up and running with a custom HTML E4M over on our Github.

Check it out complete with docs and source files here.