We’re In Forbes

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The gender-bending self-proclaimed queen diva of bounce music just landed us in Forbes

When Forbes magazine hit us up soon after our Big Freedia Booty Battle interactive launch, we were pretty stoked. I mean c’mon, when the leading “Information for the world’s business leaders” magazine wants to do a write up based around a digital ass shaking video game, that’s huge. So, not only did Forbes cover Big Freedia’s Booty Battle and come up with amazing pull quotes like this one:

There was so much Schopfel enjoyed about the booty battles…

…they also did a full op-ed on how E&E works, the way we concept ideas, and how the whole company came about. Amazing. You can read the full article here.

Huge thanks goes out to Big Freedia. Without her and the creative freedom granted to us to develop “Big Freedia’s Booty Battle,” something like this would have never happened. So thank you. Azz azz azz!