Juicy J - Bandz A Make Her Dance

Juicy J

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A wise man once said, Bandz A Make Her Dance. That man is Juicy J. And while you may say no to strip clubs game, Juicy J most definitely cannot. Step in his shoes and head to the strip club for the official Bandz A Make Her Dance video game.

We were asked to come up with an idea for the single, and from that came what XXL Magazine calls “probably the greatest computer game of all time”.  The concept is simple: make it rain and keep the strippers dancing as long as you can. Level up, earn cash multipliers, and boast your score on the Twitter powered leaderboard.

The game was built using nothing but HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Use your arrow keys to change Juicy J’s cash target, and toss a bill from you stack using the spacebar.