Linkin Park

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To build anticipation for Linkin Park’s 2012 release, Living Things, we developed a two phase interactive digital campaign with our strategic partners at The Uprising Creative. Our task at hand was to debut the first look at the album artwork and release the fist single, “Burn It Down.”

Kicking things off was an interactive mosaic puzzle that revealed 1/16 of the album artwork every 12 hours. But only if you completed it yourself. Folded into the mix were source code elements that revealed the album title and a shortcut to solve the puzzle. But only if you cracked the code.

Once the artwork was unlocked via fan participation, we transitioned to an HTML5 Canvas based game that gradually unlocked the first single via gameplay. We went all out with this release, using Node.js, MongoDB, Facebook & Twitter APIs, Social Signin, and the latest HTML5 techniques.