Manchester Orchestra

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Manchester Orchestra’s 2011 release, Simple Math, was lead singer Andy Hull’s “most realized form of questioning yet” calling out everything from marriage to religion. These dark and brooding concepts provided the fuel to create “We Built This House,” a fan generated interactive experience designed to release and remix the single “Virgin.”

Digging deep into the meanings behind “Virgin” we created a fan generated experience that brought fans together and allowed them to sing and record their own version of the chorus. We also let them pick out a custom avatar, leave a message and get plotted on a huge ethereal plane with everyone else who had done the same.

The SoundCloud Recording API was the crown jewel of this project, allowing users to record and upload audio from the comfort of their own browser. Latest HTML5 and even a sprinkling of Three.js were the main constructors for the finale, letting users find out who really “built this house” in 3D.